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Once registered, please submit your ticket and license to or contact us at (800) 783-1973 so that we may review and activate your course.

Costs and Eligibility


Am I Eligible?

If you say "no" to any of the following criteria, then you are eligible for our courses!

  • Did not attend Arizona traffic school in the last year.
  • The violation must not be for a traffic crash involving serious injury or death
  • Commercial Drivers Licenses (CDL) are not eligible.
  • The violation was not received while driving a commercial vehicle.
  • The violation must be for an eligible civil traffic violation
  • Course must be completed 7 days prior to court date or extended court date.

Your Attendence Costs

Fees are comprised by both State mandated fees as well as our course fee.

  • State Fee ($24.00)
  • State Surcharge ($45.00)
  • School Fee ($44.00) for Online or Classroom Courses
  • Local Court Fee varies by court

Benefits of the Using a Defensive Driving Course

If you are able to attend one of our exceptional online or classroom courses, you take advantage the following benefits:

  • Your Violation is Dismissed by the Court
  • Keep Your Driving Record Clean with the DMV
  • By completing this course, those who have received eligible moving violations will have the citations dismissed with no repercussions on your driving record.
  • NO Insurance Rate Increases Due to a Traffic Violation
  • No Order to Attend Traffic Survival School for Red Light Violations
  • You Acquire NO Points Against Your Driving Record
  • For more information, please contact the AOC at (888) 334-5565, email them at, or visit their website.

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